Frequently Asked Questions


What can be created with the Webpublication solution?

Using the Webpublication solution you can easily and autonomously create digital online expereiences:
  • simple or enriched publications (using our Indesign plugin),
  • galleries,
  • applications

What is a simple publication?

A simple publication is a publication created from a PDF. It can be enriched from the Drive with go-to-page links, pop-ups, videos, etc

What is a gallery?

A gallery is a digital hub where you can easily centralised your enriched publications, images, videos, audio tracks, PDFs, etc. Users can download their documents directly from the online gallery. The gallery can be used for press kits to present HD images and videos, to gather the different editions of your internal magazine or your different product catalogs.

What is an application?

An application allows you to present enriched digital publications, image galleries, videos or any other file (word, ppt, pdf, xls ...). The contents can be easily updated in real time, from our Drive, and can be accessed offline by users. The application is available on iOS, Android or Windows.

What is the Drive (Google drive enriched) for?

The Drive allows you to store digital content (images, videos, etc). You can also use it to create simple publications, galleries and applications, to update and to customize them: customize interface, activate the statistics, choose your icons etc.

The inDesign Plugin

What is the plugin for?

"The plugin allows you to access the enrichment features of the Webpublication solution, directly from Indesign. You can enrich your publication with animations, pop ups or videos and publish it on the go. Then you will be able to update the publication from the plugin with a simple click!"

How to install the plugin?

"You can download the plugin, for Mac and PC here: If you encounter any difficulties during the installation, click here"

What version of Indesign do I need?

Our plugin is compatible with Indesign 2018, 2019 and 2020.

How to connect?

In order to log in, first you must create an account, either directly on our site or with by contacting your sales representative. Then you will have to log in with the username and password created during your registration and sent by email.

What is an enriched publication?

An enriched publication is a publication created from an InDesign file. It can be enriched from InDesign with animations, pop ups, videos, etc. via our plugin.


How is the content hosted?

You have 3 options to host your content: we provide hosting of your content on our server, you can create a subdomain that points to our server, or download the master of your content and host it on your servers.

Accounts & Licenses

Can I try the solution for free?

You can test the solution unrestrictedly, in demo mode, yet publishing the content will debit credits. You can share your unpublished outputs at any time with your clients, with your team, etc. using a PIN code access valid for 14 days that will be sent via e-mail to all persons with whom you wish to share the publication.

How to buy a credit pack?

Contact your local sales representative Call +44 (0)20 3 286 7919 Send an e-mail to

How can I use my credits?

You spend credits to publish your publication or your gallery. For applications, you are charged 3 credits per month, per user* (* first free user). At the end of your subscription year, the remaining credits will automatically be carried forward to the next year.

How can I get more credits?

If you need more credits, contact your sales representative directly. If I do not intend to renew my subscription, what should I do to keep my digital content? By the end of your subscription year, download the masters of your publications that you can host on your servers..