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The perfect solution to convert a PDF document into a digital publication without using design software.

Simply upload your pdf to our digital publishing solution and easily personalise (upload logo, select colours,  add video, links, pop-ups, Google Analytics etc.) and publish with one click.

User friendly interface

Quick and easy to customise:

  • Personalised branding (select the background of your choice, add your logo, etc).
  • Choose sliding, scrolling or cross navigation.
  • Select the features to include in the menu bar (share, download, print, search).
  • Enrich your publication with pop-ups, a summary panel, image galleries, videos, links & contact details.
  • Showcase your products with a branded multimedia library (a document storage gallery interface available for both standard & enriched publications: images, videos, audio tracks, pdfs, etc.).
  • Use our secure hosting service or download your master files to host it on your own servers.
  • Before publishing share your draft publications with your clients or team.
  • Preview your publication before sending or publishing.
  • Measure performance with robust analytic tools, track reading time, number of pages viewed, devices used, number of users etc. (Google Analytics integration).
  • Create converting lead generating tools with forms, calls to action buttons, dynamic contact collection, etc.

In 3 clicks, your document
comes to life on all devices, with 
detailed analytics and lead generation features.


Our digital publications can be read on any medium without the need for specialised software
and can be distributed on all digital channels: emailing, social networks, display banners...
They can be hosted on the internet, your intranet or offline on your desktops, tablets and mobiles.

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Use your documents
in offline mode,
make them editable,
share with 1 click and
track reading statistics.

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