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Keep the DNA of your print brochure and unleash your creativity. Create templates that standardize your digital publishing and engage your customers in a creative experience!

In addition to a striking design, enrich your brochures by integrating 3D tours, videos, 360 views, calculators, configurators, interactive maps...

Mobile first

Мobile experience is often the first impression left by your brand!

Your brochures are sent by email and read on mobile. Have you ever tried to read a PPT on mobile? Or a PDF print? Our solution is responsive and offers optimal reading comfort on all media.

Create 4X faster

Start from your print sources (or not), add your digital elements, and create your digital brochure in record time! The process is 4 times faster than that of a mini-site. Distribute your brochures very quickly with а limited budget.

We also offer you the possibility to create and manage your content completely on your own.

An agile marketing tool

The digital brochure is an excellent complementarity to your site. Used on your landing pages and social networks, you will measure a much better conversion rate.

Measure your performance

Connect your Google Analytics, follow and analyze the reading statistics of your digital brochure: number of users, average time spent, number of page views, origins... You can thus adapt and improve your brochure according to the results.
You will see up to 2X improvement in your conversions.
Compatible with your CRM.

Get more conversions !

Forms or CTAs are placed in strategic places to get more customer conversions and allow the customers to contact you or send them to your site.

With the digital brochure you will see: +100% of pages read, a very sharp increase in sharing rate (customers appreciate the experience and naturally share the brochure), a significantly improved ROI.

Personalize your brochures

With a simple Powerpoint editor, anyone can personalize a digital brochure in a few clicks, change its content, add a "case study", modify a visual... All while respecting your brand guidelines.

Our tool uses versioning guaranteeing the use of the correct versions of the brochure. You have a distributor network: activate the transplanting option and personalize all of your brochures at once.

Help your salespeople

Your salespeople now have a digital brochure that transcends the print version. Stronger in terms of experience, richer in interactivity, infinitely distributable without weight constraints (no more PDFs blocked in SPAM). It is tracked to measure its performance and know how your teams use it.

The digital brochure is an excellent tool to use in "screen sharing", but also in "face to face", it works in offline mode, which guarantees you a sale without worrying about internet connection.

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