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Whether working from your InDesign file or creating your design from scratch, our team is available to create a professional digital version of your report. World-renowned brands such as Air France, Dassault Aviation and Savencia trust our services year after year.

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Webpublication produce original, high quality, innovative digital annual reports. We are experts in Web design and UX design.

Why choose Webpublication

Our digital annual reports are designed to offer an optimised reading experience on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We create an attractive home page to summarise all chapters and key elements that are accessible with one click. Intuitive navigation makes it easy to find the complete in-depth content pages.

Reliable, experienced digital annual reports experts

Our dynamic digital reports are created from original layouts. They are designed to highlight key content such as key performance figures and results graphs. Rich media content can also be integrated to empower your story. 


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Adapt your content
for digital viewing

We translate your text into visual, digital media. We use infographics, data visualisations and key figures in place of text boxes to make reading your digital annual report more engaging.

analytic tools

Our integration with the Google Analytics statistical tracking system permits you to track and analyse your report usage data: number of readers, average time spent, number of pages visited, user origin, and more. Then, you can adapt and improve your report based on the results.

XBRL compliant

Webpublication is compliant with this new standard. We can help you adapt your next digital financial report accordingly.

Created from your InDesign file and print
documents or raw content

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Raw content

For a highly competitive price, we will quickly create an appealing digital version of your report using the InDesign source files of your print version or simply from your raw content (text & images).

A digital annual report gives you greater flexibility with updates.  Digital promotional events are easy. Enjoy a greater outreach on all digital networks, while reducing your spending on production & printing.

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