The latest version of the plugin ( 3.57) has new features that will facilitate your work on your projects and improve your Webpublication experience.

In the “Project finalization” section you will find additional buttons that allow you to duplicate your project and create publication preview links directly in your drive / Webpublication account.

Save online

The "Save Online" button is used for the first export of the publication, as well as for each update.

Duplicate project

The new "Duplicate Project" feature is recommended if you are creating publications from the same template.

This way, the INDD file, as well as the link of the publication will be duplicated. The new link will be created in your account and the new INDD file will be generated and saved on your desktop.

Preview Active page

If you want to preview the active page of your publication without exporting it, the "Preview active page" button will redirect you to the active page which will be opened in the browser.

Preview Document

The last “Document Preview” button will generate a preview link for your publication in your drive, which will be marked with a small eye. (This is not the main link of the publication, but a temporary preview link that will not impact the publication)

NB: If the preview link is not relevant/useful to you, you can delete it, this won’t affect the main publication. This preview link should not be published. (only the main publication will be published)