You have the option of hosting the publication on your servers by generating a master from the Webpublication platform.

Here you will find the necessary information.

After publishing your publication, you can create your online master from the “Integration” section.

In order to do this, you have two options:

  • Download the master (this feature will be deactivated if your publication is too heavy, therefore you will have to use: Send the link via email)
  • Send the link of the online master via email
  • Once the master has been generated, the procedure is simple: unzip the, then drag and drop the content into the folder created on your web server;

* In the there is also a .readme file containing all these steps.

* The master of your publication can be downloaded during a year ( once the master link generated, it is valid for 60 days).

* Please take note that the first master of your publication is free of charge, starting from the second master of the same publication, 10 credits are necessary.