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Easily create enriched interactive digital publications

Webpublication publishing software allows you to create highly engaging publications from our InDesign plug-in without the need for traditional development or code.

Unlimited creativity

Vertical or horizontal sliders,
cross navigation, pop-ups,
our plug-in creates it all.

You focus on creativity and let 
our tool handle the rest.

Different types of projects

Single Page

Double page




One Page

Enriched content, and much more…

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Open Pop-Up

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Scrollable area



Give life to your documents and inspire your readers with a stunning, creative digital experience. 

InDesign becomes your back office!

Optimized for desktop, tablet and smart phone

Make an impression & highlight key messages with our InDesign plug-in

Animate illustrations,
highlight key points, figures,
CTA buttons, interaction
zones and any other
information that you want
to stand out using
InDesign or Animate

Create sliders and link
zones & quickly update your
creations with 1 click

Preview and share
your publication
before publishing live

Add pop-ups, videos,
audio, images, 360° views & 
integrate HTML content

Download templates that
you can personalise

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1 click and you can
publish your enriched
content on all devices!


Our publications can be read on any medium without the need for specialised software
and can be distributed on all channels: emailing, social networks, display banners...
They can be hosted on the internet, your intranet or offline on your desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Websites & Intranet

Mobile Apps

Email & Newsletters

Social Media

5,000+ clients, 50,000+ publications.
why not you?


Your digital
need Uprez

Use your documents
in offline mode,
make them editable,
share them in 1 click and
track their reading statistics.

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