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Gorgeous designs & captivating animations

We create and animate beautiful, unforgettable digital press kits. Stand out from the crowd with our expertise, and enjoy a successful launch. Journalists & bloggers will be talking about you in the press and on social media!

Multimedia enriched content

In addition to text, that journalists can easily copy-paste, your digital press kit will include a variety of enriched content: photo galleries, HD videos, 3D media, technical specs, and more. Journalists will easily access all the content they need to get inspired and create their articles.


External links


Media Gallery

External documents


Share easily

No more pdfs that are too big to attach or emailing corrupted files. Simply share your unique digital press kit link which journalists can immediately open on their computer, tablet or mobile. Of course, you can also easily share your press kit link on your website or social media networks.

Offer more impact

We can include HTML modules that make your digital press kit even more striking and captivating: 360° views, hotspots, 3D perspectives, motion design videos… Stand out with the newest innovations!

analytic tools

Our integration with the Google Analytics statistical tracking system permits you to track and analyse your digital press kit usage data: number of readers, average time spent, number of pages visited, user origin, and more. Then, you can adapt and improve your press kit based on the results.

Using your InDesign and print
documents or raw content

InDesign Document


Raw content

For a highly competitive price, we can quickly create an appealing digital version of your press kit using the InDesign source files of your print version or simply from your content (text & images).

A digital version will give you more flexibility with updates & creating promotional events, a greater outreach on all digital networks & social media, and reduce spending on production & printing.

In addition, your team can update your digital press kit independently on the fly.

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