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The Happiness magalogue sales support tool, produced for the Chopard, is intended to be used by salespeople via social networks and WhatsApp.

Immersive design

Pique your readers’ interest and make them want to learn more about your products. Our appealing visuals and that custom-designed presentations will captivate your clients and draw them into your universe.

Computer, tablet & mobile

Your digital magalogue will be accessible on all devices: computer, tablet & mobile. The user can search for your products at home, then continue viewing in-store.

Choose your favourites!

With our “Wishlist” feature, your clients can browse your digital magalogue and select the products that interest them. They can send the list to themselves or to a friend.

Intuitive navigation

Customers can browse the digital magalogue in any order they like, or they can use the user-friendly navigation to easily find information or a product in just a few clicks: main menu, search option, breadcrumb navigation, content page etc.

analytic tools

Our integration with the Google Analytics statistical tracking system permits you to track and analyse your e-magalogue usage data: number of readers, average time spent, number of pages visited, user origin, and more. Then, you can adapt and improve your digital magalogue based on the results.

Create 4X faster

Start from your print sources (or from scratch), add your digital elements, and create your digital brochure in record time!

The process is 4 times faster than that of a mini-site. Quickly distribute your brochures while respecting a limited budget. Create and update your content independently or with the help of our team.

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