Now you have the possibility to create a slider directly from the plugin, which can contain images, videos and Youtube links too.

  1. Create an action area with the “Rectangular Block” tool.

2. Once the action area has been created, you have to go to the "Enrichments" section of the plugin and select the "Slider" option.

3. Afterwards you can start importing the elements you want.

The new slider features allow you to make it more interactive by setting the autoplay function, zooming, alternating images, videos and Youtube links.

4. After adding the desired elements in your slider, you have the option to integrate a text for each, which will be displayed at the bottom of the slide.

5. You have the option to edit the slides by changing the order, adding or modifying texts, as well as deleting them.

6. With the additional slider features you have the possibility to:

a. Scale image in slide;

b. Enable or disable the arrows display;

c. Activate the fullscreen icon;

d. Enable the autoplay option and set a delay;

e. Use auto zoom (Ken Burns effect).