The Webpublication platform allows you to restrict the access to your publications.

Securing your publication hosted on our server.

Securing your publication via Excel file:

In order to enable the security from the platform, you have to go to Edit publication > Settings > Advanced options > Security and select the .XLS or .XLSX file option.

Once you have selected this option:

  • download the XLS file;
  • fill in the XLS file with an username and password;
  • upload the file on your publication;

SAML security

Choose the SAML option, download the .xml file, and upload it.

Salesforce Security

Choose the SalesForce option, download the .xml file, and upload it.

IP security

Another option available for securing your publication is the IP address security.

* If you want to remove the security of your publication, you just have to deactivate the chosen option.