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We bring your stories to life and
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In a digital world where the average attention span
is constantly diminishing, it is important to give impact
to your documents and remain memorable to your readers.
Why not take advantage of our 10+ years of digital publishing
experience in creating engaging, enriched digital content?

We adapt
our services
according to
your digtial
projects' needs
and requirements.

Guidance on the most suitable digital support

Our experts will advise you on the digital publishing support that fits best your project and offer a tailor-made solution adapted to your target audience, budget and schedule. From a simple publication to an enriched interactive publication, or even a micro-site.

In addition to designing your digital communications, we recommend using the complete Webpublication digital publishing suite, such as Uprez Library to revolutionise your content management with your team & personalise your presentations.

Graphic design
and UX Design

Your digital publication will be created using our InDesign plug-in software. Our graphic designers will create bespoke designs that are not limited by traditional template constraints.

Our artistic directors are experts in both InDesign and iUX Design, offering your audience the finest optimised reading experience possible between the world of digital and publishing.

Digitisation and animations

When the final designs have been signed off, our production team set to work on converting them into high-quality HTML format with interactive animations bringing life to your content. All projects are designed to offer the best, optimised reading experience on desktop, tablet and mobile. Whether it is a complex infographic that needs converting into digital or the intergration of video enhancements, our teams of experts are here to help.

Project management

Nothing is more important than meeting a strict schedule and rereading documents before sending them to clients. Our project management teams have several years of experience on projects with all kinds of technical and design needs. We plan a variety of projects each day; we work in project mode using the agile methology.

Customer success support

We help you ensure success and visibility with each project launch. You can design the most beautiful, stunning documents, but if no one knows that they exist, they will unfortunately not have the desired success.

We can recommend an entire digital content diffusion ecosystem: integration of our solution Uprez, communication through Newsletters, link sharing on social media — an entire panel of tools for a successful digital transition!

At the end of each project, we analyse your digital solution statistics with you and we advise you on the next steps.

Animations & videos

Motion Design

We rapidly build motion design videos with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Communicate your message in a concise, simple, effective manner, in less than 1 minute.

HTML5 Animations

An engaging animation attracts the readers attention and simplifies the understanding of your graph or message.


Corporate presentations, YouTube videos, product presentations....they can all be reproduced with more impact via our solution to bring channel

We can create all types of digital media:

Press Kits
PowerPoint Presentations
Internal Magazines
Interactive Catalogues
Annual Reports

And much more, including bespoke projects... contact us today to discuss your project.


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