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Video interviews, podcasts, external links: engage your readers and keep your digital magazine on the cutting edge with your latest enriched content.

Unlimited creativity

We create your digital magazine with InDesign using custom graphics, not recycled templates. Our Artistic Directors are experts in InDesign and UX Design, they will provide the best possible digital publishing experience for you & your readers.

An optimised digital reading experience

Our digital magazines are custom designed to deliver the best reading experience on computers, tablets or mobile. Clean lines and streamlined content make for reading easy. Articles are easily located on the second level with one click, so your readers can quickly access the content that interests them.

Give your readers a memorable digital experience

A digital magazine lives or dies by its content. Text is important of course, but in a digital world, you can make your magazine more compelling by incorporating rich-media content: videos, podcasts, external links, downloads, a media gallery, etc.


External links


Media Gallery

External documents


More ways to interact
with your readers

Stimulate your readers' curiosity with engaging interactions. Invite them to click, explore and share new content. Animated action buttons, how-to guides, quizzes and surveys can incite more active participation & engagement.

analytic tools

Our integration with the Google Analytics statistical tracking system permits you to track and analyse your digital magazine usage data: number of readers, average time spent, number of pages visited, user origin, and more. Then, you can adapt and improve your e-magazine based on the results.

Using your InDesign and print
documents or raw content

InDesign Document


Raw content

For a highly competitive price, we can quickly create an appealing digital version of your magazine using the InDesign source files of your print version or simply from your content (text & images).

A digital version will give you more flexibility with updates & creating promotional events, a greater outreach on all digital networks & social media, and reduce spending on production & printing.

In addition, your team can update your digital magazine independently on the fly.

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