Platform Tips and tutorials

In order to introduce our users to changes and new features made to the Administration area we have created a new tips and tutorials feature which appears automatically when a new feature was introduced or when the user tries out a functionality for the first time.

For example when a user enters a new GA4 tracking code, they see a helpful tip with further clarifications and a link to a relevant tutorial on our website.

Improvements on the statistics page

We have added a popup with details on account related statistics reports. Agency accounts which hold multiple sub accounts can view detailed information and statistics about their sub-accounts.

We have also fixed an issue with the top 10 accounts report.

Copyable texts

A new option is now available in the Publication settings making the texts copyable. This is particularly useful for press release publications and reports which are meant to be quoted in the media.

Multiple improvements on the Account Activity page

We have added "PDF Publication", "Indesign Publication" and "Master proposal" in the resource types filter on the account activity page. We also added filters for expiring resources and resources with no end date.

We have fixed the button allowing the renewal of activities.

Filter by asset type in the Drive

Just like it was possible on the Recent page, now users can filter the assets in the Drive by type.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Make it possible to configure a custom duration for the PIN codes on customer level
  • Security / Resources authorization with OAuth
  • Add default cache policies on resources
  • Improvements in the Edit Account popup
  • Provide options to restrict the access to the Administration area and plugin based on IP address.
  • Fixed a problem on the the drop down “select action” for PDF Publications


Simplified Side Menu

We have simplified the Side Menu of the Uprez application by removing the Archive and Profile buttons. The Archive page is now moved to the user's My documents folder. The Profile page opens when you click on the User details at the top of the menu.

Fixed a display issue on iPhones

We have handled a problem with the "notch" overlapping the top bar on some models of iPhone.