Improved Autosave feature when resources are renamed

When the rename feature is used it also saves other modifications made to the settings page in the meantime.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Impement field validation which prevents the users from adding multiple GA4 tracking codes
  • Automatically close the info panel on pages which don't need it
  • Add the cross navigation option for PDF publications
  • Restore the missing background picker for galleries and applications
  • Fix issues with the domain and custom URL settings
  • Fix small problems with translation labels, icons and layout
  • Fix the styling of the sharing popup in publication settings page
  • Remove the page offset field when where it is not applicable
  • Restore the menu which allows administrative users to change the status of resources from the Account Activity page
  • Fix the link to account button on the Accounts page

Publication Reader

Meaningful page titles in Google analytics

The Tab manager and Table of Contents features (available in the Design Tab > Menu manager) provide account manager users with the opportunity to organize the pages in a publication in a meaningful way. In this version we have added the Page names to the tracking data sent to Google Analytics.

Various improvements and fixes

  • Fix bottom of modals not visible on android phones
  • Fix external links in new tabs opening in a popup after being edited
  • Handle the case where a gallery is not accessible by the current user
  • Fix regression in current page preview due to missing statistics data