Names of resources are now easier to modify

Simply click inside the name of a resource to change it. The changes will be applied when you click away from the input, hit the Save button, or navigate to one of the tabs.

Better icons for the commonly used resources

We modified the icons and labels for the different resource types to make them easier to distinguish.

The Settings screen is re-designed

We have divided the Settings screen into tabs for easier access to key features.

General settings

You will find the basic options like Interface language, Publication date, SEO, Cookie policy and Cover image in the General Settings tab:

Advanced Options

The Advanced Options tab allows you to set up the Web Address, Branding, Custom content, Security, Tags and other options.

Improved tag management

It is now possible to create, rename, delete and convert tags directly inside the settings page. Note that the convert and rename tag actions are only allowed on tags which are active for the current resource.

The security tags now appear bright red when activated to emphasize on the fact that they control the user access to the ressource.

More intuitive controls

We made multiple improvements to the different controls. The interface language selector now has the most commonly used languages at the too:

And we have cleaned up the interface so that users only see the options they need.

Design Tab with a better UI

We have improved the interface of the Design controls making them more intuitive.

New types of integration

We have redesigned the integrations tab as well.
In the Permalink tab you can quickly copy the link for your project or modify it with a custom domain and URL address.

The Embed tab allows you to feature your project anywhere in the web using a Fullscreen Button, a Whole page or a Custom Size Iframe. The Fullscreen button has several different options including the new Cover Image with text integration.

Account Activity Page with more information

We have improved the interface of the page and added cover images and asset types for the relevant activity items. The page also shows the account credits, the application users and data filters.

Better statistics

We are constantly working on improving the statistics tab. In this release we have included the last year data in grayscale for account managers.

Simplified support information

When you click on the "Contact support" button you will see a popup showing the contact information of Customer Success Representatives from our team who can respond to you in your language.

Other fixes and improvements

  • The bottom navigation bar is removed from all settings pages to leave more screen space for the relevant content.
  • The display mode selected by the user is now stored in the browser.
  • Expired publications are now indicated in bright red to draw the user's attention.
  • The profile menu is simplified by moving the Account activity and Tags page to the left sidebar.
  • The custom buttons in the menu manager can now have a different format in the different menus in which they appear


A wider range of design customization is now possible on applications

It is now possible to style the Uprez applications using a custom CSS file. This way we can have a different layout for a specific folder and fully customize all visible elements of the app.

Tag Trail - a dynamic list of tags in the search results page

It is now possible to activate a "Tag trail" showing a dynamic list of all the tags which were used in a search. The tags can be canceled individually which updates the search results.

Handle GA4 & anonymised GA3

Anonymised Google Analytics tracking is now possible for applications using the new GA4.

No constraint for the width of the top bar icons

We have removed the constraint which allowed only square icons in the top bar. Further customizations may be achieved by applying custom CSS.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We have fixed a display issue with background videos in folders
  • We have resolved a problem when searching in the Coverflow view mode


Standardized icons

We have improved the asset icons in the plugin so that they match the new look of the Administration area.

Publication Reader

Various improvements and fixes

  • Improved analytics tracking and Matomo tracking support
  • Opening sliders in fullscreen mode is fixed
  • Modified design of modal popups