Users can now Undo and Redo their actions

When users make modifications in the Uprez Editor, they can now undo and redo their actions. To do so they can use the arrows in the action bar or use the common keyboard shortcuts:

Undo (Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z)

Redo (Ctrl+Y / Cmd+Y)

Background adjustments

You can now select what part of the background will be visible using the Uprez Editor. You can control the horizontal and vertical position, as well as the scaling. There are separate settings for portrait and landscape oriented viewports.

Slider as a background

Background sliders can now be modified in the Uprez Editor.

Blank spaces are supported

When editing a text field, you can now enter multiple spaces in a row.


Share or download a page range

Users can now specify the first and the last page of a given publication they want to share or download. This way we give the users more control on the data which is to be shared with a particular recipient or downloaded locally.

Navigation Redesign

We have redesigned the arrows for all types of navigation (vertical, horizontal and cross navigation). Publications with vertical navigation will have a new arrow at the top allowing them to return to the first page of the publication.

There is also a new toast centered at the bottom that appears when the page is changing. It displays the current page number. The same toast will appear if the user places the mouse cursor / taps at the bottom of the publication page or switches between different browser tabs.


Warning when exporting a publication modified in Editor

When a user attempts to update a publication which is already published on the platform from the plugin, they will see a warning message, if this publication has been modified in the Editor.

New slider settings

Several new settings were added to improve the Sliders:
auto change of slides after a user specified number of seconds, zoom animation on images (Ken Burns Effect), etc.

Sliders in the background

Sliders can now be used as a background of the page spread, just like images or videos.

Add text in slides

It's now possible to add caption text in the slides or around them. The position and text settings can be different for each slide.

Edit media in scrollable areas

It's now possible to edit images and videos inside scrollable areas in Uprez Editor.

In order to replace videos or photos in a scrollable area, you need to make sure that you embed them correctly from InDesign. Please follow the steps below:

  • Create the desired elements (text area, video, image etc.) which will be the content of the scrollable area.
    *The video must be embedded from the plugin.
  • Group all items.
  • "Paste into" the group you have created in the scrollable area.
  • Once the content is pasted into the scrollable area, double click to enter the group inside the scrllable area and assign the video again. This action should be done after placing into the scrollable area, as plugin enhancements, such as videos, are lost when an item is copied to the clipboard.


Proposals may now be edited after they were sent and seen

There is a new setting on Proposal Templates alowing the users to edit proposals even after they were sent and read by some of their recipients.

If a proposal was sent but it was never seen it may also be deleted.

A new integration mode allows opening publications in fullscreen

In the Integrations tab of the publication, under Advanced options the users can generate a code snippet which allows them to easily put a link to one or multiple publications. When clicked the publication will open in fullscreen mode.

Tag grouping is now supported

Applications and galleries which have Advanced Search capabilities can now have tags grouped into categories. The search operator between tags in the same category is OR while the operator between categories is AND.

Youtube tracking

Google analytics events are now supported in combination with the anonymized statistics setting, making them GDPR compliant.

Various fixes and improvements

  • A problem on the Plugin which was unable to import a desktop file before exporting the publication was fixed.
  • The "update folder tree" button was removed from the Prarameters page in the web version.
  • A custom button alignment issue on iOS 15.4 was fixed.
  • The header item in the burger menu was improved to address a problem when the action bar is set to a dark color.