User collaboration

It is now possible to invite other users to collaborate with you on your editable publications. To do so, simply tap the "Invite co-worker" button on the menu and the user you choose will have access to the publication in their "Shared with me" folder in their documents.

Combining by reference

Publication pages can now be combined as a reference, allowing dynamic updating of content.

This feature can be enabled for specific accounts upon request. It is important to note that in order to take pages from another publication, the "source" publication should first be published. To access the feature select the Combine button (+) in the Uprez Editor, choose "From Drive" and then "Pages selection" from the popup.

Improved edit panel positioning

The edit panel does not appear on top of the selected element anymore.

Use home page instead of root folder

The first link in breadcrumbs can now be set to open the home page instead of the gallery folder. This makes it possible to completely hide the root folder and provide links only to specific resources via a customized home page.

Fix image background editing

There was a problem editing the background image in the Uprez editor when a background color was also set. This problem is now resolved.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Ignore the links of the type "Open in new tab", "Open popup" and "Open in same tab" in the Uprez editor. Previously they were wrongly treated as Go to Page links.
  • Prevent the automatic session renewal attempt on galleries, because they are publicly accessible by default.


Handle publication locks

In a co-working environment, when a user starts editing a resource it becomes locked for all other users. If another user attempts to edit the same resource they see a popup warning them that the resource is currently being edited. In that case they have the option to unlock the resource and take over the editing, or let the other user continue working on it.

Allow the updating of products in wishlists using an xls file

A button has been added to the publication settings pages allowing account managers to update the wishlist products.json by uploading a new spreadsheet with product data.

Better handling of HTML snippets

The content inside <style> and <script> tags used to be validated by xml parser which sometimes lead to incorrect results. This problem is now resolved.


Fix bad styling appearing on some editable text fields

Some editable text fields exported from InDesign appeared with unnecessary borders. This issue is now fixed.