Master publication

It is now possible to create copies and edit publications which were created via our inDesign plugin. The editable elements need to be marked as such from the plugin and the initial publication has to be marked as "Master publication" from "Uprez template" section on Settings screen.

More options for account managers

Account managers now have control over all the content (not only their personal folder) from within the Uprez app

Edit in Spread view

Uprez Editor now displays publication pages in Spreads like on preview for desktop/landscape mode. This way the editor allows for page modifications which could improve the publication and the final user experience.

Editable button states

Buttons can now be edited and each button state can be modified separately.

Use publication as Welcome page

Publications can now be configured as the Welcome page for any application. The option can be found on Settings screen in "Link to a page or publication" section for any Uprez application or Gallery.

Improved user experience for sliders

Slider controls are now scaled in proportion with the size of the page containing the slider. Additional improvements were made to the zoom mode on mobile devices, slide transitions, close button etc.

Search parameters are now cleared automatically

The last search term is no longer retained in the form after it is submitted. Tag selections in the search are cleared too.

Improved handling for thumbnails

Now the thumbnails are always downloaded with the most suitable resolution.

A problem with scroll bars on editable text areas appearing on some devices was fixed

Windows devices were not scaling the editable text fields properly after they were modified resulting in an unnecessary vertical scroll bar. This case is handled with hotfix 3.52.3.


Uprez Free URL

For Uprez applications with "Webpublication users" security, it is now possible to create a "Free URL", i.e. URL that could be shared with anyone. The access to specific folders/resources could be filtered by using security tags configuration, so a single application can be used for both private and public usage. This way the management of content that is shared publicly and the one used for one-to-one demos could be managed in the same application to ease the process.

Share with PIN via publication form

When a publication is opened from admin, it could be shared with a PIN code as a demo from the publication's share form.