A new Slider enrichment

We are proud to introduce our new interactive Slider feature. The slider is very versatile and can be used with images, video files as well as youtube videos. It is mobile friendly with swipe and pinch-zoom actions and it can be viewed inline and in full screen mode. The sildes can be easily created, edited, deleted and re-ordered.

Add enrichments to popup

It is now possible to add the same kinds of enrichments to pop-ups as for publications in the Plugin. They can be found on the Enrichments tab and configured from there.


Change iframe/popup/animation

It is now possible to use the Uprez editor and Enrichments screen for changing the specified from plugin iframe/popup/animation in a given ePub publication page. The replace option is provided with the standard selector and it's possible to reset to default as well.

Use color themes following the brand guidelines

You can now set color themes to your publications, which allows the users to quickly change the color of all themed elements at once without deviating from your brand identity.

Modify button links

Buttons can now be modified in the Uprez editor. This is very useful for changing "Go to page" links in publications and proposals when the page numbering was modified after combining or deleting pages.

Modify Email links

We can now edit email links on images, buttons and text fields. It's even possible to pass additional "mailto" parameters like this:

Edit sliders

When you create a slider enrichment from our InDesign plugin you can easily edit it in the Uprez editor. You have full control over the elements. You can create new slides, delte existing ones, change their content and reorder them.

Display PDF downloads for proposals

For all Read proposals we will provide the number of PDF downloads in Uprez applications on "My sent" page.

Open a publication from another publication in offline mode

In your publications you can now create links to other resources in the same Uprez app. This way the publications will open inside the application instead of a browser tab. If the resources were made available for offline use the link will work even without internet connection.

Dependencies are organized better

We have added a Sources folder in "My documets" for all the dependencies of the publications. The dependencies will not show up in the "New" page because only library resources are featured there.

Share - Copy links

The "Copy links" functionality is changed when there is only one resource to share and we use "Plain text" option. Now we only copy the URL of the resource without its name. This way the URL can be used directly to either open in browser or include as a hyperlink on some part of an email.

Download draft proposals

It is now possible to make all propsals (draft and sent) available offline.

"Download all" feature improved

When you click the "Download all" button situated on the Parameters page, a new widget appears in the bottom right corner of the application. The widget shows the number of items which were downloaded and gives you a convenient link to the Downloads folder in case you wish to see which items were already downloaded and which one is currently in progress.

If the download process is interrupted by minimizing or closing the app, a new button appears inviting the user to "Continue" the download. The widget also reminds the users that minimizing the app during the download process is not recommended.

Another improvement is the new progress bar which appears at the top of the resource which is being downloaded. You can still open the online version of the resource while the download is in progress.

Download speed optimization on Windows

The download speed of our Windows application is significantly increased.


Improved downloadable PDF

The generated downloadable PDF files for newly created or reprocessed ePub publications will have improved text quality. Now the texts will be stored as actual text data instead of being rasterized, and the used web fonts will be rendered better. That results in improved document quality that is suitable printing or for reading offline.

Open specific Uprez/Gallery asset from publication

For publications or proposals inside Uprez application or having a linked Gallery, it is now possible to add a link to a specific resource inside the application or gallery. The configuration is available in the Plugin for page links and in Admin -> Menu manager for menu buttons. The behavior of the link with a selected asset will be as follows:
- in Web version the reader will open it in the correct target(popup / new tab / same tab)
- in Uprez application the asset will be opened in the main app window

Color themes

For ePub Proposals, we provide the option for the design team to create one or more Color themes from the Plugin. They are used for painting different elements on the pages and provide users the option to switch to another approved palette or create a new one.

Improvements on PDF publication links editor

When there is a link box that is not correctly/fully configured, we will show a informative popup on attempt to change page and focus on the problematic link box.

Source files grouping

When some files are uploaded to be used inside a particular publication or proposal, these files will be stored inside Sources folder. This way the files will be grouped better and will provide easier browsing experience.