Copy HTML when sharing resources

It is now possible to copy the links for sharing by using HTML code. This way the text is formatted and more user-friendly when you need to share via email. The plain text option is still available in case the sharing medium does not support formatting.

Apply custom backgrounds on folders

We can change the background for any folder inside Uprez or gallery. We can select the color, image or video from the admin and apply it to the entire application or to a specific folder.

Add a GDPR compliant cookie notice and settings

We can now add GDPR Cookie Management to the application. After a user chooses which cookies to accept they can later change their preferences from the application menu.


Image compression

The images on newly processed ePub publications will be compressed for improving the web experience.

Chapters handling on small screen

When we preview a publication with chapters in the menu bar on a small screen, the chapters will be moved to the burger menu in order to provide a better user experience.


Progress bar for PDF upload in menu manager

When a user uploads a large downloadable PDF file (30 pages or more) in the menu manager a progress bar is displayed to indicate how much of the file is processed. The progress bar is available both in the menu manager popup and the publication page.

Responsive preview

When we use the preview button on any publication from the admin, we are allowed to select different device modes. This allows the testing of the responsive design, as well as previewing the different menu options depending on the device mode.

Master download

It is no longer possible to download the master for a publication/gallery that is not published. The change aims to prevent future charges for masters in case the given resource is not finalized yet and/or only a demo master is needed at the moment. Once the resource is published, the master can be downloaded. Users will be warned about the charging policy for master download.