Demo mode

When a new demo Uprez application is created, we enforce different rules for using it:

  • it can be used with demo master proposals;
  • we do not charge for users which are assigned to it;
  • shared resources are available for limited time - 7 days and there is a maximum of 200 times to open.


Improvements on the cookie notice

There are visual and functional improvements on the GDPR-compliant cookie notice


Publication editor

The new advanced editor which is used in Uprez applications is now integrated in admin for editing enriched publications created via inDesign. It allows editing and enriching, reordering, cloning and removal of specific pages.

Use background color/image/video for PDF and thumbnails

For publications with transparent pages and configured background, we will use the background color/image/video which is configured for the specific page when we generate the thumbnails and downloadable PDF.

Online payments

When users buy credits via the online payments option, we will calculate the price based on the origin country and the provided VAT number.

Thumbnails reprocessing

When a custom PDF is uploaded for downloading from the "Menu manager" on a given publication, we will provide the option to reprocess thumbnails for individual pages from the same PDF. This option could be useful for animated pages or ones with video in case more control on the shown content is needed.