Edit HTML components (Beta version)

We can now set HTML document as Editable with Uprez as we do with inDesign Editable option. Provide options to change elements from an HTML document (Txt, video, images and links - URL and go to page) which are marked as editable in the uploaded as ZIP sources. You can find a tutorial and sample of editable component here

Buttons with links from inDesign

We have the option to add a link to button in inDesign and edit a link in gallApp editor. You can find instructions and best practices here

Create external links

We can now add “Create external link” option in create button for a given application from menu manager in admin panel

From Uprez

Uprez - Zoom in the document

We have 3 buttons : Reduce / Fit on the screen / increase 
By default we use fit on the screen.

Move editing panel

The user can now move the editing panel around the screen by clicking on the 6 dots and dragging it.


Same tab / new tab link

When we create a link to a resource from drive, we can control if the link should be opened in same or new tab.


Style configuration per page

We can configure the following styles per page on a publication from design screen:

  • top bar color & opacity
  • icons color
  • page background color 
  • arrows color, background color and opacity

Security and info tags

Now tags are separated in 2 general categories:

  1. Security - they are used for controlling the access to tagged resources based on the applied tags to given users
  2. Info - these tags are for information purposes only. They could add some metadata on resources and could be used when searching for resources

We provide a new screen where account manager can define which tags should be used for security(marked in red with a lock icon) and which ones should be for info(marked in gray with a sticker icon)

Create external links in application

We provide the option to create external links inside application directly on “My application” screen

Redirect to Uprez login screen

When a simple user tries to login to admin but doesn’t have sufficient rights to use the admin, he/she will be redirected to Uprez login screen.

Webpublication login page : https://fr.adminzone-secure.net/react-admin/

Reminder :

Uprez login page : 

Drive lists modifications

  • The columns Read, Opened, Sent are hidden from drive lists.
  • Production and Commercial users see masters count for each publication/gallery in drive list

Google Analytics 4

We have support for setting up GA 4 codes from settings screen on publications.

Uprez domain for apps

We are now using the uprez domain for applications by default