Uprez Tutorial available My Documents

There is a tutorial now available for every user in their My documents folder. The tutorial matches the user's language of choice.

New display modes

We've added two new view modes - Masonry and Coverflow

Text zones are now scrollable

The zones become scrollable if the amount of text in it overflows. You may need to re-export older publications with the new version of the plugin to take advantage of this feature.

Import files in My Documents

Now you can import files to your personal folder from within the Uprez application.

Uprez Editor Multiple selection

On mobile devices you enable the multi-selection mode when you tap the icon in the toolbar and select the pages.

Unique URL

Now there is a unique URL for Uprez Europe !


All existing app user credentials will work with this unique URL !

App management


In the back office, when you create a new Uprez app you now have the option to make a Demo app in the language you specify.

More customizable elements

We've added more options for customization of the action bar, create button etc.

Tags management

You can associate tags and users to filter the content.

User session control

You can select between 2 options - Single session per user allowing users to only log in one device at a time or Unlimited sessions per user making it possible for users to be logged on multiple devices simultaneously.

GDPR compliance

With that option no data is stored about the user.


Cross navigation improvements

Animations on Cross navigation pages are triggered when they enter the visible zone of the page.

Page height is handled better allowing pages of different size fit correctly.