Digital annual reports, create an engaging, comfortable reading experience.

  • Animated key figures & infographics, user-friendly navigation, videos...
  • Web & Mobile optimised (HTML5)

What are the advantages of using Webpublication?

Digital Annual Reports

Create dynamic reports and presentations using original layouts. Highlight key content,  animate performance figures and results graphs. Increase reader engagement and simplify the reading experience. Access detailed analytics: most viewed pages, time spent on the report, traffic etc...

Our interactive reports adapt to any type of device and OS browser and are easily uploaded to your mobile App.

Our production agency is available to do the work on your behalf, alternatively, our team of experts is on hand to help you get your project get off the ground.


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From conception to the realisation of your report, our team of creative experts will accompany you throughout the process.

SaaS solution


Our multi-featured solution easily adapts to your digital publication needs. Create rich-interactive content, no coding involved. 



Our team is here to help every step of the way. We offer live online support, detailed video tutorials, and complete one-on-one training.

Apps (iOS, Android and Windows)

Webpublication digital publication platform is a complete ecosystem. Upload your presentations and promotional material into your 'Company' App for your sales and marketing teams to access online and offline, or promote your content on the App stores.

Marketing teams can easily manage the content with a few simple clicks and alert users with push notifications at any time. The App is a convenient, agile sales tool for your online promotions and on-the-go sales teams. 


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