Rich Media

All your publications (online magazine, online brochure, flipbook …) can be personalized with your logo, your colors, …but above all, with the addition of videos, flash animations and/or interactive links to other documents, emails or web sites, you will offer your readers a high quality and unique reading experience.


You can create internal links between the pages of your flipbook or within its table of contents. You can create as well external links to a website, an email adress or any kind of attachments (PDF, PPT...)

Images/ Photos

Attache your HD images to your flipbook without restrictions of weight or size.
They will be downloadable or send by email in one clic. This feature is exremely useful for your press kits or distributors' catalogs.


You can have a video either on the welcoming page of your flipbook or on any other page. Although we accept all formats, sending us your video in a FLV format will avoid you to pay an additional encoding fee.

Flash animations

You integrate yourself your animations within your flipbook, or ask us to do it for you. We can create all types of flash animations in order to enrich your flipbooks

Google analytics

Each page of your publication is tagged. this allows you to take advantage of the Google Analytics power: location, traffic source, unique visitors...

Password Protection

You can controle the access to your flipbook by creating a username/password protection, or restrict the access by applying an IP filter