the professional solution for online publishing

All features are available. You simply have to choose from the list below those that will allow you to make the reading of your flipbook more efficient, more attractvie, more interactive

The strengths of our product

An unmatched quality of reading

An exceptional fluidity with a maximum image size for your flipbook

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A unique statistic tool

allowing you to understand how your readers navigate through your flipbook

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A multi distribution channel

Your Flipbook can be sent by email, embedded on your website, hosted on your servers, shared on your favorite social network, saved on a CD or a flash drive

Updates and amendments

Update or amend your Flipbooks as much as you want

Full customization – Your brand matters

Our solution will help you preserve your corporate identity. Insert your logo on the icons' bar, add animations or images in the background, customize the icons, colors, language ...

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Rich Media

Email and web links are automatically created inside your Flipbook. You can use an unlimited number of videos, flash animations or HD images.

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Table of Contents

Jump from one chapter to another and navigate faster in your flipbook


Download you interactive flipbook in PDF format: all of it, or just your selection


Print one of several pages of your flipbook, but please remember to consider the environment before pressing the print button


Search a specific word or sentence in your interactive flipbook


Bookmark the pages you like the most in your flipbook. They will be remembered for you next visit.

Send to a friend

Share your flipbook with your friends, colleagues or on your social network: Facebook, Twitter…


View the pages of your online flipbook in a smaller size. This option allows you to access all pages by clicking on them.

HD Gallery

Simply by clicking once, upload and view the HD photos of your interactive flipbook or digital press release file

Slide Show

This option allows you to automatically flip the pages of your publication. A feature that can be very effective either when you exhibit at a professional tradeshow or in simply as a display within your waiting room.


Zoom double-page

Full screen

For a better reading expérience, view your online digital edition in full screen mode. Your browser’s toolbars disappear.


Display the how to use help


Close your flipbook.


Draw, mark, and underline whatever you want within your online digital edition.


Allows you to access either the previous or the next page, to enter a specific page number, or to return to either the first or the last page of you flipbook