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catalogue interactif

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Easy creation

Webpublication software can revitalise even the dullest PDFs in just 10 minutes. Create flash PDFs in the form of an e-magazine with our simple yet feature-packed system. If you have a lot of documents to publish, you can use our automated system to rattle through them.

Rich Media

With our interactive PDF software you can create the most exciting documents. Incorporate videos, sound, HD images and even flash animations to make a great product!

Multi channels support

Your production is completely portable; you can send it in an email, burn it to disc, or drag it onto a USB. And to keep up with the modern world you can access it on your smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC.

Resurrect dull PDFs with style!

Embrace the digital age by editing your interactive PDF with an application on your iPhone, iPad or smartphone. Embed your production on a website or your chosen social networks, and monitor views with Google Analytics.

Ensure your flash PDF has the look and feel you want it to, by customising every aspect, from the colour scheme to the background, and add your company logos.

Webpublication software is so easy to use that beginners and experts alike will be able to master it within minutes, with no lengthy training process. Creations are automatically converted to be suitable for different devices.

Make sure only people authorised to read it can access it, by password protecting your design.

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The most advanced
rich-media marketing platform

WebPublication is the most recognized multi-channel content marketing platform by professionals. Many leading agencies use our solution including Publicis, TBWA, Conran Design, Saatchi and Ogilvy. More than 80% of FTSE 100 companies have at least one publication produced by our platform. We have more than 2 500 happy customers who trust us. Our teams are here to help you bring your rich media experience to the next level. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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