Integrate your media to your interactive PDFs thanks to Webpublication 

More than just a PDF, the interactive PDF is easy-to-read and can be supported by visuals and other elements. With Webpublication, your PDF files become complete and interactive, making for an easy and enjoyable read.


Your interactive PDFs will be far more enjoyable and unique as they allow videos, media, animations and other interactive elements to be integrated. Webpublication allows you to easily illustrate your documents thanks to easy-to-use software which helps you create an interactive PDF easily and quickly. In addition to being available online, on tablets and smartphones thanks its HTML5 version, the interactive PDF can also be exported to Android and IOS apps. Having worked with over 2500 companies, Webpublication strives to make its services available to businesses of all sizes to help them improve their communication means.

Create your interactive PDFs easily

You will be able to create your interactive PDF in just a few clicks with videos, photos, animations and other visuals, necessary to make your documents easier to understand. Webpublication will assist you in the creation of your interactive PDFs. Webpublication will also create your interactive PDFs for you to help you save time.