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catalogue interactif

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Easy creation

Whether you prefer to design your interactive ebook yourself, or get help from our team of experts - transforming your PDF is easy. It takes as little as ten minutes and we even offer automated services - perfect for if you want large volumes.

Rich Media

With videos, HD images, flash animations, sounds and hyperlinks - you can inject life into your PDFs and offer an unrivalled interactive experience for your readers.

Multi channels support

Your interactive ebook can be sent by email, embedded straight onto your website, shared on your favourite social media websites, copied on to a DVD or saved on to a USB drive.

Control your interactive ebook
in your palm

Our Webpublication software allows you to control your interactive ebook from the palm of your hand. You can download the iPhone app which allows you to download and update/view/amend your ebook directly from your iPhone or iPad.

We also offer an unmatched quality of viewing for your ebook. Your interactive ebook will read with exceptional fluidity and displays the maximum image size on your screen.

Your interactive ebook can be converted so it is readable on all the new communication devices. You will be able to access your ebook from a Mac, PC, iPhone, tablet or android phone.

Plus, you can update and amend your interactive ebook as much as you want!

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The most advanced
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WebPublication is the most recognized multi-channel content marketing platform by professionals. Many leading agencies use our solution including Publicis, TBWA, Conran Design, Saatchi and Ogilvy. More than 80% of FTSE 100 companies have at least one publication produced by our platform. We have more than 2 500 happy customers who trust us.
Our teams are here to help you bring your rich media experience to the next level. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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