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Easy creation

Our online magazine creator is so quick, it's easier than ever to make a cutting-edge product. You can put together a stylish design in just 10 minutes with Webpublication software. And if you require any advice, our specialists are on hand to answer your questions.

Rich Media

Use the digital magazine software to add flash animations, HD pictures, videos and more to your creation, making it much more interesting to read than a normal PDF.

Multi channels support

Once you’ve created your digital magazine, read it on your iPad, iPhone or smartphone! You can store it in a variety of different ways, from USB keys to DVDs, and email it to a Mac or PC.

A digital magazine is the way to enthral your readers

Webpublication automatically converts your digital magazine to work on multiple devices, so you only need to do the work once. That will be a pleasant experience with straightforward software which needs no time-consuming training process. 

The online magazine creator is very flexible, allowing you to use your own designs, logos, colours, backgrounds and languages in your masterpiece, and allows you to password protect your design. 

You can use an app on your iPhone, iPad or smartphone to edit and update your creation, making as many changes as you like. Once it’s complete, you can even upload it to social networks! 

If you want to produce large volumes of magazines from PDFs, you can automate publication to speed the process up.

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The most advanced rich-media marketing platform

Flash animations within the pagesWebPublication is the most recognized multi-channel content marketing platform by professionals. Many leading agencies use our solution including Publicis, TBWA, Conran Design, Saatchi and Ogilvy. More than 80% of FTSE 100 companies have at least one publication produced by our platform. We have more than 2 500 happy customers who trust us. 
Our teams are here to help you bring your rich media experience to the next level. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Some examples

ADF Congres

It is designed to perform across all devices. It is built in html5 and includes call to actions pop ups, animations…

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Ernst & Young

Html5 format – Includes videos and animations on key graphics

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Portrait of Life

It includes product pop-ups, videos and an intuitive contents navigation panel

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