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Enter the Era of Apps!

In today’s business world, having your own application has become as important as having your own website. 

At Webpublication, we can create your application in a timely manner using our app creation software

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An easy solution

80% of all applications are built with the same basic functionalities: actualities, general information, push notifications, videos, geolocalisation, itinerary, increased reality, etc… We specialize in creating applications that are built thanks to the rapid combination of these modules at the best quality for the best price.

Reaching all markets :

IOS Application (iPhone, iPad), Android application (Samsung, HTC…) : Webpublication meets all your requests!

Real autonomous management :

You can create and update all your contents in real time thanks to an easy and efficient back office.

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WebPublication creates libraries that are easy to navigate and update

They include all your digital literature (brochures, catalogues, reports…) as well as your rich media content (images, videos…). A digital library is the perfect solution for:

Business App

Includes all the catalogues, leaflets and price lists that will be used by your sales team.

Catalogue Application

Includes all your products and services catalogues. They are enriched with videos and images.

Events application

Access all your brochures and presentations in one click.

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Simple creation

WebPublication’s platform is designed to allow rapid production of digital interactive content without the need to recruit specialist staff.


Adding rich media content to your app has never been easier!

Multichannel accessibility

All your publications are available on the web as well as in your application.

Our latest examples

Library application with rich media publications: video, images, links…

Publications are organised in folders.
Library application that includes many travel guides.


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Why create an application?

With the explosion of tablets, publishing enters an entirely new area, freeing online readers from their computers. Create amazing experiences for your readers thanks to an app.

Create an application to expand your readership

Let your customers engage with your publications online, or offline, anywhere, anytime. Reach new and existing readers thanks to a new channel of distribution.

Create an application to generate more traffic.

By creating an iPhone app your brand becomes available on the App Store. It means that new prospects will be able to reach you. By updating your content on a regular basis, adding rich media your are engaging more with your audience. You are increasing your brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Create an application to reinforce your brand awareness

By creating an application, you create a communication of proximity between you and your clients. Many brands do not have an app… yet Do not miss this great opportunity and create a significant competitive advantage vs your competitors.

Create and develop an application

Convinced by the benefits of an App! You just need to create one Before building one, it is important to ask yourself the following questions. What do I need an App for? Who am I targeting? What ROI do I want to achieve? We help you answering all these questions. Simply put, we create a consistently structured app with sensible defaults, built as a container for your editions. We do all of the hard work, writing code, testing and polishing to make it simple not only to publish your content but to ensure that your brand is the only thing the reader sees. It's your app after all! 

In conclusion, having an application increases your brand awareness. It will be the reflection of your website and will increase its traffic. It will captivate your audience and attract new prospects. In a nutshell, an app is a must have for any company that want to brings its communication forward to a wider audience.